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Arctic Stargazing Tours: Welcome

Under the Dark Sky

Stargazing is universal. Everyone regardless of their knowledge or background has their own unique connection the night sky above. And as far as we know and remember, this has been a part of our history as human beings.

Here within the arctic circle the dark night sky is full of discoveries and stories. 

Arctic Stargazing Tours provides tailor made guided tours for public groups and private events, using state of the arts equipment and latest knowledge of the night sky wonders!

A genuinely Dark Sky is not to be taken as granted anymore as the human habitat brings the artificial lighting with it. One more reason to experience the absolute darkness of the true North!

Arctic Stargazing Tours: About

Certified Sustainability

Ensuring the right ways to protect the ecosystem

Arctic Stargazing Tours is committed the business to a continuous program that follows a framework of the United Nations 2030 agenda and 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We endorse everyone to introduce themselves to the Sustainable Finland Pledge at

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Arctic Stargazing Tours: About

Taking a role in Sustainability

Certified Astronomy and Lappia Vocational Wilderness Tour Guide

I worked for years in Astronomy in New Zealand and decided to start my own tour business in the Finnish Lapland.

A strong passion in astronomy and nature conservation, the goal is to protect our fragile dark skies and share the importance of it to us as Stargazers!

After graduating to be a certified wilderness guide, the night time operations are ready to begin again, join our tours to explore the Universe! 

Come and join the tours and protect the Dark Night Skies together!



Arctic Stargazing Tours: Tours

1 hour and 20 minutes of Stargazing using the telescope and lasers and topics involving Astronomy and Cosmology

Indoor and outdoor experience
125€ per person, 1 h 20 min tour

Outdoor Stargazing with Celestron GPS925 telescope and indoor planetarium experience, including a hot drink

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